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Header 1: Season Ticket Test

Header 2: Season Ticket

Header 3: Season Ticket

Ipsum Lorem paragraph intro blurb.

Here is some text to test the content look and page flow. Hello. How was your day? Hope you had a good one! Let’s see if the links below take us where we need to go…

Header 4: Option 1: Regular links

Here are some links embedded within text. (Facebook) New tab will open

Here are some links embedded within text. (Twitter) Opens using site default link settings which is same window

Here is our actual test link for a 10p Season Ticket in full if you ever need to copy it into a browser to test it for yourself outside the HCE website environment. https://checkout.square.site/merchant/3916ZVZ0E77V0/checkout/7SXD6VQSMYLKDRX77G2H2KPC

And here it is embedded as a simple link that will open a new tab: Buy a Test Season Ticket

Header 4: Option 2: a ‘Buy Button’

(The colour of the button can be changed to become an exact pantone match for the website if required using a #HEX code.)

Season Ticket Test Link


Buy now

Header 4: Option 3: a QR Code

Test QR

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