Information about recent developments at Bader College and Herstmonceux Castle - 26th April 2024

We are delighted to announce that the Gardens and Grounds of Herstmonceux Castle will be open to the public on May 1st 2024.

When you visit you will be directed to a different car park on the west side of the castle as the car park to the south of the castle is full of equipment and contractors who are involved in replacement and restoration projects. The south elevation will be encased in scaffolding for 2024. If you visit in early May, you will notice that the gatehouse is already covered in scaffolding and the rest of the south elevation will be completed by late June.

Chestnut’s café will be run by George from Geo’s in Herstmonceux village, and will open on May 6th 2024.

The Gift Shop will not open this year, as we need to make repairs to the roof and the Visitor Centre will open later in the summer with an exhibition of the repairs and restoration we are undertaking in the next few years.

Any enquiries regarding functions/events please email

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Fungi-Fiend Max Mudie visits the Castle Estate

Max is local to the area and has rapidly-growing Instagram fanbase of people who, like him, are fascinated by fungi and slime moulds and know the importance they have on the trees and nature around us.

We are pleased to report that he will be visiting the Estate regularly from now on to document what he finds lurking in the shadows.

Max’s knowledge and photography skills are outstanding and even if you’re inexplicably not a fan of fungi or slime mould, you will, we’re sure, appreciate the amazing way he captures the beauty of these species – some of which are so tiny that most of us would totally overlook them. We should point out that the macros shown here weren’t necessarily taken at the Castle per se, but we thought we’d show you just how talented Max is, especially when you consider that the specimens in shot here are a mere millimetre or two in size.

We look forward to seeing Max around the Estate more often and hearing about his diminutive discoveries!

Do you need more slime mould in your life? Thought so. If you’d like to follow Max and his adventures in the undergrowth on Instagram, then get onboard! His profile handle is @allthingsfungi.

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