A great location for film, tv, video and photo shoots.

The moated 15th century Herstmonceux Castle is the centrepiece of a 300 acre estate that encompasses woodland, fields and themed gardens.

Privately owned it offers on-site security, accommodation, catering, extensive parking for a variety of vehicles and electric points around the site.

We have experience working with a wide range of production companies and organisations, from small independent set ups to large corporations like the BBC, Sky Arts and mainstream film studios.

Our aim is to offer friendly, professional support to your project and ensure that it is as stress free as

  • Accommodation
  • Electric boxes around site
  • On-site catering
  • Historic building
  • Gardens, woodland and fields
  • Small lakes

Here are some productions that the Herstmonceux estate has featured in.

Celebrity Hunted

Celebrity Hunted (Series 4) used the Herstmonceux Castle estate to film the gripping finale of the series.

Contestants aim to stay on the run without being found by the Hunted team. The grounds of Herstmonceux Castle were used as the getaway point and celebrities needed to find the helicopter somewhere within the estate and evade capture.

Due to our private estate, Shine TV (the producer of Hunted), felt we offered the right amount of security and privacy. The Castle and Observatory made a great visual destination and perfect extraction point.

“The team at Herstmonceux Castle were professional throughout, we won’t hesitate to use them again for the right production”

Shine TV


The production team behind feature film Summerland, starring Gemma Arterton, required a Sussex location to film moments that show a characters past.

The Herstmonceux Castle estate made an ideal choice due to the expanse of woodland, gardens and features such as the ponds and folly structure. All of which contain very little around them that date the landscape to the modern time.

The castle interior was used to film scenes within an Oxford University college.

Sky Arts - Landscape Artist of the Year

For season five of this popular series, the Castle was the majestic subject for the competing artists.

The main contestants were positioned at the front of the castle and the ‘Wild Card’ entrants (talented local artists) were positioned upon higher ground at the rear of the castle, overlooking the gardens and trees.

Despite adverse weather, our staff provided all the support required to Storyvault Films and went above and beyond to ensure as stress free experience as possible.

Adventure Boyz

This feel-good, family movie was shot in and around Eastbourne including the Castle interior and some of the woodland on the estate. Latitude Films were really pleased with the end result and thought the Castle looked stunning on screen.

BBC Flog It

Season 15 of this perennial favourite included a visit to Herstmonceux Castle which drew a large crowd of visitors, many hoping that the treasured items they had brought with them might be of value when examined by the programme’s resident experts.

13 Graves

Local director John Langridge used the estate’s woodland to great effect for this dark slice of supernatural horror. Many of the cast and crew were from nearby Eastbourne.

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